This Spring I celebrate FIVE years as a Facilitator of Family and Systemic Constellations! I could make a long a list of adjectives to describe what it has been. Just One? EDGE. 

This work has brought me to the live edge, the space of emergence. I have learned to dive into that space, to expand into it, to turn on my capacity to see from within. So grateful!

What’s alive for you right now? What is your growing edge? Where do you want to go?  

How would having a compassionate, intuitive and skilled guide help you get there?

While I have a more public side in my group work, individuals have always found their way to me for personal coaching. Clients experience a relationship that is nourishing and creates genuine change.

What can you expect?

  • With presence and empathy, I connect deeply with the specific nature of your situation.
  • With a deeply honed intuition, I perceive hidden and misunderstood dynamics within your situation.
  • With compassion and love, I facilitate a shift in those dynamics.

What creates the shift?

I’ve used “I” several times here, simply because there is no efficient way in our language to describe what actually happens. In fact believe that the real cause of the shift is NOT AT ALL because “I” shifted it. Rather, it is the alchemy of your intention, our connection, a shared emergent awareness, and the larger consciousness of Love that actually creates the shift. “I” am just a really useful tool, like a magic flashlight, to help those things happen.

Who is this for?

This Winter, I held space for individuals seeking to understand their mysteries and challenges, and move more deeply into their personal and spiritual journeys.

My clients are committed to personal growth. They are familiar with their inner longings, and have a passionate desire to align their inner and outer worlds.

I work with my coaching clients in weekly sessions for four weeks. Each session lasts 75-90 minutes.

This Spring, I have space for four new clients. The exchange is $150 per session (four session minimum).

If you’re ready, email me at apfornes<at>gmail<dot>com. We’ll set up a time for a call and begin our journey.

With a Sunny Heart!


Incredible. Transformative. Healing. Mind-blowing. Alison has been for me a wise and intuitive guide and a powerful and loving companion as I journey into deeper and deeper knowing and loving of myself. I can think of no more important work than what she is doing and what I have been doing with her. I am immensely grateful.” – Jeff Golden

“I have worked with Alison on multiple occasions to help facilitate personal and community issues. Each time her work has brought me a shifted perspective and much needed insight, as well as facilitating a change within the system towards more love, understanding, and peace.
Sometimes the work is subtle, and sometimes it is dramatic. It is always healing and wholing. I would highly recommend constellation work and Alison’s facilitation to anyone who is willing to feel into the perspectives of another to achieve deeper levels of harmony and peace with their families and communities.”  – Kate Temple-West,

Alison’s facilitation of systemic constellations have provided incredible insights. I had hit a wall in thinking about new strategies and approaches for a challenge I was facing. In the course of 30 minutes I was able to “see” patterns, issues and avenues that I would never have understood on my own.” – Madeline Typadis-Snow

“To say that working with Alison is paradigm shifting would be an understatement: it’s paradigm exploding! This work opens realms of connection, healing, and truth that I’ve never imagined I could access, and has opened my heart and body and mind to another level of reality and possibility.” – Jessica Simkovic


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